Dr. Natalia Pilato

Natalia Pilato is a community-based artist, educator, and scholar who’s work focuses on building the social capital of target communities through artistic processes. Her large scale national and international community-based mural projects have engaged thousands of inter-generational community members in both the design process and the painting of the murals. Natalia Pilato holds a Ph.D. in Art Education from the Pennsylvania State University. She attended her program as a Bunton Waller Graduate Fellow and has received numerous awards of recognition, which include: The Joy of Giving Something Award; Imagining America Scholarship; the Creative Achievement Award from the P.S.U College of Arts and Architecture; the Ingrid P. Holtzman Award; Brian Betzler Memorial Scholarship; Alumni Honors Award; the American Association of University Women Outstanding Achievement Award, and the Business and Professional Women Opportunity Grant. Currently Dr. Pilato lives in Norfolk VA and is an Assistant professor of Art Education and the Director of the Art Education Program at Old Dominion University.

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Jon Doe

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Dr. Ginger Brinn

Ginger Brinn is an artist-researcher-educator whose focus is on the intersections of craft and education. Her research concentration investigates how through the action of making enhanced learning at all levels can occur, creating a deeper place for knowledge building and building community. She also spent time uncovering how the intersections of craft and education create an emerging theoretical framework for a craft based curriculum in art education. Ginger taught art in public and private K-12 schools with an emphasis in the elementary setting. She is passionate about arts integration having worked on various projects implementing arts integration within PreK classrooms in Bloomington, IN to explore how the arts help with literacy scores. She has an extensive fibers background and can often be found with some sort of fibers project in her hands. Ginger Brinn holds her Ph.D. in Art Education from Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Brinn currently resides in Norfolk VA teaching both art education courses and fibers at Old Dominion University.